Mini-festival of unique events of digital culture and gender

The 2020 edition of the ECOSS festival has ended with an excellent program that we hope you enjoyed as much as we did. We have received a lot of support and thanks from the team, the invited artists and the audience at ecoss.barcelona networks. 

We would like to thank all the people who made it possible, and we close the #ECOSS2020 with a lot of energy to start preparing the next edition.

 See you soon! #ECOSS2021 

A program of activities 2020 of training, talks and live arts exhibits.

A space for art and reflection that underlines the mutual transformation operating between the technological and the biological.

This year 2020 ECOSS proposes a program of art, nature, science, technology and society from a feminist perspective. A window of visibility for women who work in these professional fields


The ECOSS, Ecosystems of the Unexpected festival adapts to the new COVID19 context to guarantee the safety of all and access to the artistic and innovative content of the 2020 programme. The live format will be streamed on our Internet platforms with the artists performing live from the Fabra i Coats – Fàbrica de Creació venue (Barcelona).

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From a gender perspective

How do women contribute in research, technological developments and new concepts to rebalance our environmental relationship with the planet, shift the hierarchical axis of anthropocentrism and contribute to the de-construction (dissolution) of identities. ECOSS, challenges conventional narratives and presents an interactive approach to new stage languages ​​and to expanding transversal territories, where technology is presented as a way to reinvent the live arts.

An unprecedented, unclassifiable and visionary digital culture, which encourages the encounter with the unexpected.

Post Covid19 contextualization

This lockdown and the consequent preventive measures also implied, by necessity, that the audience directed their cultural consumption to the offer on internet. The digital space is now an important space for the production, exhibition and consumption of culture. This entails the emergence of new spaces and new online exhibition formats. It is for this context that the ECOSS festival decided to intervene in the digital space, directing part of its program to the digital platform ecoss.barcelona, ​​where the public can access to the festival’s contents from their domestic space. More than ever, live cultural events coexist with cultural offers on the internet. It is a moment of digitization of culture and an opportunity for innovation, renewal and advancement. Today, culture can and should be a motor for the technological transformation of society. ECOSS offers a cultural program in a double format: live and online. A festival where you can live, from a gender perspective, a transdisciplinary experience to establish deeper relationships between technology, performing arts, movement, text, video, sound and live interaction with digital data. During 4 days, different international guests will debate and present shows, showcases and demo conferences of their research and artistic creations, to explain in a participatory way processes, challenges and mechanisms of development of their projects. The conference will also feature 2 theoretical-practical training laboratories around research and innovation, applied to Bio-art and new tele-distributed technologies.


Artistic Direction and Executive ProductionRosa Sánchez
Technology ManagementAlain Baumann
Technical Coordination and ScenographyMaría de Frutos
Technical AssistanceEquip de Producció Fabra i Coats
Streaming platform coordinationPedro Vilchez (XRCB)
LightingRodrigo Redondo
Audiovisual ProductionOptiludik
Teaser and Video DocumentationPriscila Alegre
Graphic DesignXavi Casadesús
Communication and coordination: Dana Buscall

Production: Kòniclab

Xarxa de Ràdios Comunitàries (XRCB)
Fabra i Coats – Factory of Creation

With the support of:
Institute of Culture – Barcelona City Council
Catalan Institute of Cultural Companies
Department of Culture of the Government of Catalonia
Spanish Ministry of Sport and Culture
11 > 12 Nov
Fabra i Coats
Fàbrica de Creació