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Life and inter-species art

ECOSS 2021 – Primavera at Arts Santa Mònica. Barcelona

Exhibition // Artistic intermedia installations 

Extended until May 30th

An initiative by KÒNICLAB 

ECOSS starts this 2021 spring period with an exhibition at the Santa Mònica Arts Center, with an exhibition of  Intermedia art installations of five International authors:  Paula Bruna (Catalonia), María Castellanos / uh513 collective (Asturias), Nathalie Gebert (Germany), Anna Rierola (Catalonia) and Rosa Sánchez / Kònic collective (Catalonia).

The works shown in this exhibition are an unfolding landscape, in a vertical section, exploring biological-archaeological fields (Pareidolia), revealing self-regulation mechanisms (The Breath of Life), apparatuses, electronic and prosthetic objects that are elaborated around plants and transcribe their language (Beyond Human Perception), take care of them (Symbiotic Transmitter), appropriate and monitor them (e – terrarium).

An inter-species voyage at various scales putting in relation universes delimited by sometimes imperceptible membranes, that bond or separate entities and concepts of what is alive and what is inert. A relational experience that wishes to interrogate us about anthropocentric paradigms and try to move their centres of equilibrium and power.

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What’s ECOSS?

ECOSS, ECOSYSTEMS OF THE UNEXPECTED is a Mini-festival of unique events of gender and digital culture.

ECOSS it’s a space led and conducted by women, with an interdisciplinary program of debates, research laboratories, exhibitions and performances that wants to reach a wide audience with surprising and original proposals. A space for art and reflection that underlines the mutual transformation operating between the technological and the biological.

Challenging conventional narratives, ECOSS presents an interactive approach to the new artistic languages ​​and the territories of cultural transversality in expansion, where technology is presented as a way to reinvent the arts and our relationship with the others, human and non-human and with the environment that surrounds us.

From a feminist perspective:

How do women contribute to research, technological developments and new concepts to rebalance our environmental relationship with the planet, shift the hierarchical pillar of anthropocentrism and contribute to the de-construction (dissolution) of identities. ECOSS challenges conventional narratives and presents an interactive approach to new stage languages ​​and to expanding transversal territories, where technology is presented as a way to reinvent the live arts.

Produced by Kòniclab in residence at Fabra i Coats – Creation Factory in Barcelona, ​​in connection with the world through their digital platform and social networks. During the three previous editions, the festival has created links and collaborations with different artists, centres, local and international entities. In 2021 ECOSS will celebrate the fourth edition with new features, among which there will be this exhibition at the Santa Mònica Arts Centre, in Barcelona, between March and May.



Artistic Direction: Rosa Sánchez
Technology Management: Alain Baumann
Technical Coordination: María de Frutos
Technical Assistance: Production team of Arts Santa Mònica
Graphic Design: Xavi Casadesús
Communication and coordination: Dana Buscall
Production team Arts Santa Mònica
Exhibition Setup: GAMI SCL

An initiative of: Kòniclab
Production: Arts Santa Mònica

Thanks to:
Nora Ancarola
Maka Sanchez
Roger Vinent

Fabra i Coats – Creation Factory
With the support of:
Institute of Culture – Barcelona City Council
Catalan Institute of Cultural Companies
Department of Culture of the Government of Catalonia
Spanish Ministry of Sport and Culture

18.03 > 30.05
Arts Santa Mònica