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The Breath of Life

The Breath of Life

Anna Rierola


Arts Santa Mònica

Generative video installation made with confocal microscopy images of cells

The Breath of Life is a metaphor for the beginning of the life factory, a process that is done from inside that self-generates, regenerates, expands and makes more of itself. The beginning of this process marks the difference between inert matter and living matter. Life is autopoietic (from the Greek autos -itself- and poiesis -creation), it has the property of making itself by performing dynamics of self-production and self-maintenance. The observation of this “bio-logic” or pattern of organization, of a simple cell, seems to be the same as that of a complete social structure, suggesting a fundamental unit of life. Stability and change always coexist; life weaves and spreads a stable net that supports a constantly changing structure. As Lynn Margullis said, «Life on earth is more like a verb. It repairs, preserves, creates and surpasses itself».

Anna Rierola > Visual artist, works in the intersection between art and science. Her works are based on scientific images obtained from research projects, which she reuses and reinterprets to project a vision of the unified, networked, interconnected and interdependent world.

First resident artist at the Barcelona Institute for Biomedical Research (IRB), from where the images of The Breath of Life comes, and where she began her reflection on the question «What is life?»


Collaborate: Barcelona Institute for Biomedical Research (IRB)