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Paula Bruna


Arts Santa Mònica

Photography and organic material

Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon where people perceived random images as faces. On the one hand, the reflection of our shapes in plants can help us blur the boundaries between species and awaken a certain empathy for the other non-human. On the other hand, our predisposition to see human forms in shapeless roots highlights our limitations when understanding our surrounding as well as the anthropocentrism that conditions our contemplation of the world.

Paula Bruna > Trained in environmental sciences and ecology, she has worked in research and management of the natural environment and environmental policies. Later she graduated in fine arts. Both occupations have converged in her artistic projects, in which she studies the interaction between society and the ecological environment that shelters it. From this dual perspective of environmentalologist and artist, Paula uses artistic research as a form of knowledge production where she mixes the different disciplines. Paula has carried out her artistic research in art and political ecology within the framework of the doctorate of Advanced Studies in Artistic Research at the University of Barcelona.

In the framework of the research: The other cohabitants. Perceptions of the environment from non-human subjectivities.

With the support of: Cultivamos Cultura (Portugal) and the ‘grants for research and innovation in the fields of visual arts, new creative sectors, performing arts, music and thinking’, from the Office of Support for the Cultural Initiative, Generalitat de Catalonia

Thanks to: Phillip Maisel