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Symbiotic Transmitter

Symbiotic Transmitter

Nathalie Gebert


Arts Santa Mònica

Hybrid structure of interacting electronics and plants

Symbiosis [from Greek: sym – together | bios – living] means living together and is usually describing a long-term closeness of two beings.The Symbiotic Transmitter enacts a speculative communication apparatus, as a hybrid structure of interacting electronics and plants. The formation pursues the transmission of a signal. This transmission is only possible through cooperation and the well-being of all parts,electromechanicals and vegetables.

Nathalie Gebert > Nathalie Gebert is working in the fields of new media, art and feminist theory. Her work revolves around installations and research on the relationships between technologies, non-human life and techno-feminism. Using experimental methods to reinvent ways of inter- and intraspecific communication, she explores the individual properties, history and potential of materials. Being co-editor of the href zine, she is currently presenting her research on technoid natures, landscapes and symbioses.

Conceptual support by Prof. Ralf Baecker

Project developed in the Digital Media Bremen program