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02.02.22 > 01.05.22


ECOSS, Intermedia Projects / The tradition that runs through us

Santa Mònica. Barcelona

The projects hosted by this cycle of ECOSS, in the framework of the exhibition The tradition that runs through us, were selected in the call for research and experimentation of Intermedia /Life, Art and Inter-species Projects. They show us a post-anthropocentric vision of the concept of nature, in the context of the tradition crossed by the logics of contemporaneity, exploring the critical revisions of tradition that contemporaneity seeks today.

2021-22: convocation ECOSS, Intermedia Projects / Life and Art Inter-species research and experimentation, in collaboration with Santa Mònica, as part of the centre’s new project.

Curated by Koniclab
Jury: Roberta Bosco, KonicLab and Enric Puig Punyet

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ECOSS, ecosystems of the unexpected is a project for the activation of singular events of digital culture #fem, promoted by the Koniclab association.

Challenging conventional narratives, ECOSS presents an interactive approach to new artistic languages and expanding territories of cultural transversality, where technology is presented as a way to reinvent the arts and our relationship with others, human and non-human, and with the environment around us.

02.02 > 01.05
Santa Mònica