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Membranas Zombies

Membranas Zombies

Muaj! (Marzia Matarese, Desirée Quevedo, Sonia G. Villar)

Santa Mònica


Membranas Zombies is an open and in-process investigation that explores zombification as a process of transformation towards a new hybrid stage between the living and the dead, the valid and the invalid, the human and the non-human, fleeing from the binarism that dissects reality based on the patterns of the recognisable and therefore usable. How do we become zombies? Can a process of zombification open new horizons of possibility beyond positivist binarisms?

It takes shape at the Santa Mònica as an experimental installation of living speculative design, based on the life cycle of fungi and the (im)possibilities of containing them. It is composed of membrane-devices that combine materials, substrates and technological means of 3D printing digital fabrication.

Acknowledgements > Enclave Micopirata Mutante (, Espai Salamina, Ecovilla La Sequoia, Laila Agzaou, Espiga Craft Beer Shop, Bar Palmer (Poble sec), Torrero Vidres, Ferran Collado, La Escocesa, Santi Boada, Tomás Martín

Muaj! is a symbiont born from the Puaj! open sessions at Hangar (2019) and our fascination for mushrooms and mycelial networks. It is an organism to think, design and materialise together open tools and strategies (DIY/DIWO) towards psychedelic self-sufficiency, bioremediation, food sovereignty, interconnection with all fellow holobionts and discussion of ecological and interspecies relations and hierarchies. We want to explore the meaning of care on a planet that is much more than human, touching organisms of different species in the same place and at the same time, being scent and intuition, overflowing, being rhizome. The MUAJ! node is linked to the eemeemee network, whose aim is to maintain a community network for sharing processes and knowledge generated around DIWO mycology.

Marzia Matarese (Naples, 1989) > She articulates her practice between radical mycology and visual arts, participating in various research and collective creation processes. In 2019 she organises in collaboration with PUAJ! three thematic sessions in the Hangar wetlab (Barcelona). In 2020, together with other collectives, he founded the Enclave Micopirata Mutante, a community network for sharing processes and knowledge generated around DIWO mycology. Together with Patricia Usero (sound artist) she is a member of Arquea Colectivo, a duo that works at the intersections between sound creation, visual art and biology. She is part of punto7, a group that meets annually in the desert of Tabernas (Almería) with the aim of generating experimental encounters linked to space and sound performance. She is currently resident at Salamina, a space shared by artists in L’Hospitalet del Llobregat (Barcelona).

Desirée Quevedo Nieto (Barcelona, 1990) > She develops her practice within 3D design combined with digital fabrication techniques. In 2015 she graduated in Fine Arts and, in 2017, she finished the master’s degree in Visual Arts and Multimedia (UPV), specialising in 3D modelling and printing. She works with multiple platforms and visual media designing CGI virtual environments, where she experiments on a speculative level with narratives that explore relationships and interferences within contemporary technological aestheticisms, as a place of questions, a space of change and a field of suspicion. His research also focuses on the technical and conceptual possibilities offered by digital fabrication by material addition, framed within the opensource and DIWO philosophy. In 2019 he was artist-in-residence at (Barcelona) and La Escocesa (Barcelona), under the pseudonym PostTrauman. In 2020 she developed the art direction and CGI design of the short film Hard Persistence, exhibited at the Museu de la Música de Barcelona and different places in Europe. In 2021 she was selected by the Geocinema collective for its audiovisual research and production laboratory. She regularly collaborates with the artist Óscar Martín as a 3D designer and printing technician.

Sonia G. Villar (Zaragoza, 1985 – lives in Osona, Barcelona) > With a tendency to pay attention to transformations, to be symbiotic and porous and to believe that poetry and science can be the same thing. Part of the DU-DA organisms (2019) and the eemeemee network (2020). She is a research resident at La Escocesa (2021) and has been selected for the Grants for research projects and artistic experimentation in residence at Santa Mònica (2021). She has participated in the co-rpus group of the co-project (2020) at La Escocesa, as well as in the research residency and workshops ASIMETRÍAS | ESPAI E at Indensitat (2019). She has developed and shown projects and situations at Centro superior de Diseño Hacer Creativo and Escuela de Ingeniería y Arquitectura (Zaragoza), Social Muscle Club Fest (Berlin), Kunstverein München (Munich), HB55 – Räume der Kunst (Berlin), Abteilung für Alles Andere (Berlin), GO11 Award, Exchange Radical Moments! Live Art Festival (Berlin), Fabra i Coats (Barcelona), Sala d’Art Jove (Barcelona), Hangar (Barcelona), Graner (Barcelona), MACBA (Barcelona) and CCCB (Barcelona).