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Coreografías selváticas

Coreografías selváticas

Adriana Reyes

Fabra i Coats

28 OCT 20.30h


It is, apparently, a solo. It is an extended mass between two dimensions of movement. An attempt at a joint presence between them, the plants, me and you.

Coreografías selváticas arises from communication with plant life forms and their possibilities in sensitive production. The curiosity that emanates from plants goes hand in hand with experimentation, alchemy and cultivation, three great magnetic fields from which humanity has linked itself to the plant world. Each culture, with countless practices ranging from shamanic rituals and ceremonies to recreational and culinary uses; medicine and poison; food.

Coreografías selváticas wonders if the charm of the plant world as a way of relating to human life can go further. From there arises the will of the power of the imagination: forms of life that suspend oppression in any of its configurations.

Coreografías selváticas aims to be a book on botany in motion, an open book to broaden the aesthetic experience in other fields of perception

Creation Adriana Reyes. In dialogue with: Tabac, All Sacha, Bobinsana, Uspawasha, Abuta, Romero, Lavanda, Set Pals, Oix, Mocura, Coca, Ayahuaska, Azucena, Sauco, Revetla, Camalonga. Artistic accompaniment: Janet Novás, Jesús Barranco, Jaime Conde-Salazar s.u.s and Carolina Sisabel. Theoretical support: Manuela Pedrón Nicolau and Florencia Carrizo

Adriana Reyes (Madrid) > Anthropologist and creator in the field of live arts. After completing a master’s degree in feminist studies, she has specialized in sexualities and diversity. She has also trained with different artists in Spain, Brazil and Portugal. She has been immersed in the study of Amazonian plants for more than ten years. Social sciences, live arts, transfeminist studies and medicine are her fields of interest, pleasure and action. Lately it seems that she is making way for the shaman Capricho, a lover of multiplicities. She is muito hot, muito real.