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Antònia Folguera interviews Blanca Bayas on Ecofeminism


27 > 28 OCT

Listen to this interview in podcast format here (only avalaible in Catalan)
With the collaboration of Ràdio Fabra, and within the framework of Cultura Viva and the Barcelona Community Radio Network (XRCB).
This dialogue will also be available on the 27th and 28th, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., at Fabra i Coats, during the celebration of ECOSS2022.

Ecofeminisms consider that the oppression and domination of women and other vulnerable groups, as well as the exploitation and destruction of territories, have a common root: the patriarchal, colonialist and capitalist society. The journalist Antònia Folguera will interview the specialist Blanca Bayas to better understand this intersection of feminisms and environmentalisms, and the proposals they offer to face the current economic model, extractive of natural resources, time and women’s work.

Blanca Bayas Fernández > Researcher at the Obervatori del Deute en Globalització (Globalization Debt Observatory) and an ecofeminist activist, participating in spaces such as Acción Ecofeminista (Ecofeminist Action). Her work focuses on the defense of public, common and alternative services of ecofeminisms and feminist economies. She has written several documents on these issues, such as her recent publication Propostes ecofeministes per repensar la ciutats. Camins públics i comunitaris (Ecofeminist Proposals to Rethink Cities. Public and community roads). She has a degree in Political Science and Public Administration, a degree in Social Work and a Master’s degree in Social Policy and Community Mediation. She lives in Barcelona.

Antònia Folguera > Defines herself as a “multimedia adventurer” and her work moves in the field of digital culture, communication and electronic music. She has worked in radio and television and has been part of seminal streaming projects (Riereta), has been responsible for communication of music technology projects and co-organizes Dorkbot Barcelona, the event of “people who do strange things with electricity”. Among other things, she is currently one of the curators of Sónar + D, she is part of the XRCB team and has a monthly program in Dublab called Lummerland.