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Weird Feminism

Weird Feminism

Roberta Bosco interviews Paula López Montero, Elisa McCausland, Diego Salgado and Rosa Sánchez


28 OCT 20h

This interview can be seen live at Fabra i Coats and it will be recorded. Later it will be available in podcast format in our Cinemateque and on Ràdio Fabra

Roberta Bosco, journalist specialized in digital art, interviews the conference speakers:
Paula López Montero, Elisa McCausland, Diego Salgado and Rosa Sánchez, director of ECOSS

The journalist Roberta Bosco will conduct a conversation; articulated from a decolonial perspective; to the speakers at the weird feminism conference, to contrast perspectives and paths explored during the conference.

Roberta Bosco > Journalist of Italian origin, specialized in contemporary art and digital culture, curator of exhibitions and teacher. She writes regularly about art and digital culture in the newspaper El País and is co-creator of the blog El arte en la Edad del Silicio. She is a correspondent from Spain for Il Giornale dell’Arte, the main Italian art magazine and collaborates with various media such as El Temps de les Arts. She has curated several exhibitions with Stefano Caldana, such as Conexión Remota at MACBA, the first show in a Spanish museum, Digital Jam and Web as Canvas at the CCCB, Donkijote at the Laboral art center in Gijón and more recently Harddiskmuseum in Virtual Reality at Arts Santa Mònica, Faces at Es Baluard Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Palma and Origin at Cal Massó in Reus on the occasion of ISEA2022