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Conferences on Weird Feminism

Conferences on Weird Feminism

Paula López Montero, Elisa McCausland and Diego Salgado


25 > 28 OCT 18 - 20h

Free activities with registration at

Space: online (with the possibility of viewing it from Fabra i Coats on the 27th and 28th). Language : Spanish

The objective of these conferences is to go beyond the hegemonic currents of the feminist movement and its conquests in the sociopolitical sphere to explore its most unique and dissonant aspects, its shadow zones, with great anti-system potential. Through what the speakers call weird feminism, the usual perspectives of feminist activism are expanded through the exploration of cultural and artistic manifestations marked by strangeness towards what is consensual as real and its programming. In this exploration, the subconscious, taboos, the repressed, the (self) censored, the controversial and even the (a)social play an essential role.

Program of the presentations:

25 OCT
Notion of weird and influence on feminist expression as dissonance against conventional frames of criticism and thought. Feminism as a current of thought and action within the framework of a certain reality. gender masks. Structures and simulations of power. The role of the gaze. The weird and the fantastic. The familiar, strange and liminal.

26 OCT
Artistic media, consumer media. Neurobranding and femvertising. Fashion, advertising and graphic design have traditionally been considered reifying areas for the representation of women. But from the objectification and exacerbation of codes, and from strategies such as collage, other unusual and disconcerting readings emerge.

27 OCT
In an era of supposed absolute freedom for moving images, we find ourselves in practice with a paradox: most of these images adapt to a normative regime that dilutes the force of the various claims. But there have been and still are in the fields of cinema and television, female directors who, thanks to their weird gaze, have been able to overcome the uniformity of the audiovisual construct.

28 OCT
The musical paradigm, subjected for a few years to a process of harmonic and melodic deconstruction in which unusual gender perspectives play an essential role. Digital expressions, with enormous potential to disrupt representative balances of power through shitposting, cursed images, hyperstition, weirdcore and images generated by artificial intelligences (AIs).


Paula López Montero > Has a degree in Audiovisual Communication and a postgraduate degree in Criticism and Philosophical Argumentation. She was a museography scholar at the Spanish National Library. She is a regular collaborator in media such as Cine Divergente and in the permanent seminar on Hermeneutics and Comparative Literature HELICOM. Her attention is especially focused on 20th century Western literary works and performances.

Elisa McCausland > Journalist, critic and researcher, is the author of the books Wonder Woman: el feminismo como superpoder (Wonder Woman: Feminism as a superpower) (errata naturae, 2019) and, together with Diego Salgado, of Supernovas: Una historia feminista de la ciencia ficción audiovisual  (Supernovas: A feminist history of audiovisual science fiction) (errata naturae, 2019) and Sueños y Fábulas: Historia de Vértigo (Dreams and Fables: Vertigo Story) (ECC, 2022).

Diego Salgado > Film critic, has been reflecting for fifteen years on the meanings, contexts and potentials of popular culture and feminism, with special emphasis on film and comics.

Together or separately they have collaborated in media such as Babelia, Caimán, Cuadernos de Cine, Comicmanía, Radio 3, El Salto, Guía del Ocio, Imágenes de Actualidad, Pikara Magazine, Sang Fucsia and SoFilm, as well as in numerous educational books. Currently, they share a microphone in Trincheras de la Cultura Pop, an essay work in progress promoted by the Consonni publishing house. In addition, they write critical reviews and studies on audiovisuals in the magazine Dirigido Por and give conferences and seminars on all the topics mentioned in the fields of academia and dissemination.