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Nad Spiro. With Aurora Gasull

Fabra i Coats

27 OCT 21h


Nad Spiro’s latest album is a soundtrack in search of a film in which forms crystallize, also articulating a sci-fi narrative. Spiro invites us to a space drift in a ship called L’Important to finish with songs from her sound archive, like forgotten songs of a lost cosmonaut.

The edition of the disc, in CD and cassette format, includes a publication with a story and drawings by Zane Speer, photos by Joan Fontcuberta, design by Marc Valls and mastering by Ferran Fages.

Accompanied on this occasion by the visual contribution of Aurora Gasull. The moving images created live by Aurora Gasull refer us to experimental cinema, giving graphic life to the sounds of Nad Spiro.

Participants live: music: Rosa Arruti / Nad Spiro; visuals: Aurora Gasull; voice/text: Mess/Age (aka Mike Ibáñez). A Nad Spiro Production

Nad Spiro > Name behind Rosa Arruti, a veteran of experimentation and avant-garde music based in Barcelona (MohoChemie, Psicópatas del Norte, Tendre Tembles…), although her search for sounds has taken her to other latitudes such as Berlin, London or, more recently, artistic residencies in Cork (Ireland) and Porto (Portugal). Here and there, her investigative spirit has always delved into sound exploration processes, starting from the guitar and its multiple possibilities to the limits of electronics, and sometimes converging with other disciplines such as radio, visual arts or theater, in collaboration with international artists.
She has released most of her records on the prestigious Geometrik Records label, as well as released on international labels (Farpoint Recordings, Front & Follow, Silent Records, Sloow tapes, etc.). Collaborating with artists such as My Cat is Alien, Kim Cascone, or Marcyn Dimiter, her work has been presented both on stage and in sound exhibitions in Europe and South America.

Aurora Gasull > Visualist. After dedicating herself to the cello, in the 90s she started in the visual field with photography, drawing and painting, and finally she trained in digital processes and image synthesis. She worked professionally for a few years as a 3D operator until she began exploring the abstract image, taking music and its language as a theme, always with the desire to compose with visual language. In recent years, her experimental film work has been exhibited in various spaces such as the Abstract Art Museum in Cuenca, the Juan March Foundation in Palma, Pantalla Interior, Archivo Xcèntric and the 3/99 Program at the CCCB, Arts Santa Mònica, Convent of Sant Agustí and Antic Teatre, in Barcelona, among others. In 2022 she presented the Sincromías exhibition at La Rectoria Art Center (Sant Pere de Vilamajor).

MK-Ibáñez (Mess/Age.) > Is a freed member of Mess/Age., mastermind of the cult txts pOp cOntrOl,  Zap! or ultraBrutal and a regular contributor to Nad Spiro.