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Paula Vicente Puiggròs

Fabra i Coats

27 > 28 OCT 18 – 22h


Tunings is an interactive and sound installation in which all kinds of lives and bodies are interconnected. It is an intra-action between a technological apparatus and different types of bodies, both human and non-human. A relationship translated into sound to ask ourselves: what would happen if instead of measuring reality from a constructivist and productivist approach, we did it from affection and the unknown? What if we try to collaborate with other forms of life to find other forms of connection together?

As conducting bodies, we all have different voltages. When two or more bodies get close, this voltage starts to change, affected by the other, but it is so small that we cannot feel it. Tunings allows us to see and hear this fluctuating voltage, which is constantly moving, thanks to the Arduino sensors. So what does it mean to touch? How close do we have to be to affect and be affected? Where do our bodies begin and end?

The objective of this installation is to appropriate technoscience to create new shared and collective knowledge, to question the established apparatus for the production of truth. It invites us to speculate together, to rethink and rediscover this network in which we are all involved

Paula Vicente Puiggròs > Visual artist from Barcelona. She has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona and a Master of Visual Arts from the Kask School of Arts in Belgium, where she has recently held exhibitions such as Embroglio (Le Paviglion, 2022), or Map # 128 Intraaction, (KASK, 2022). She is the winner of the Creation scholarship at Sala d’Art Jove 2021 and more recently of the residency scholarship at Nau Estruch, Sabadell. She has participated in various exhibitions and festivals such as Maleza (Barcelona, 2022), Corrente, La notte bianca (Italy, 2019), Art Emergent Sabadell (Sabadell, 2019). She has also carried out various residencies in places such as Konvent Zero (Berga), Es Far Cultural (Menorca), El Bòlit (Girona), or Experimentem amb l’Art (Barcelona) where she has also worked as an educator.